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The Apple Watch
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  • The Apple Watch June 11, 2015 8:21 am

    Apple as a company doesn’t like the term “smartwatch” and will not refer to the Apple Watch as such. They didn’t call the iPhone a smartphone, and as far as they are concerned, it is a “watch” produced by Apple – hence the name. What implication might this have for Apple? First of all, Apple is in a complicated position as a lifestyle company as well as a tech company. Apple stopped producing gadgets and advanced computers for merely tech literate geeks for a while now. As of a few years ago, Apple has (perhaps inadvertently) focused more on high-tech, albeit mainstream items for general consumption. In effect, the wide proliferation of their products in tech-savvy circles – as well as more mainstream consumer demographics – has allowed Apple to transcend its original mandate as a computer maker. If you recall, several years ago, Apple officially changed its company name from “Apple Computers” to just “Apple.”

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